Kidnap / Detention

The traditional target of the Kidnap gang is the executive or representative of high profile corporations and wealthy families.

The fact is that the family and business associates of these individuals are vulnerable by association; and are often far easier to abduct. Demands are made against the principal; and thus totally innocent people have become victims of others’ success.

So, please take a look at your own circumstances….

Are you living in or travelling frequently to high risk locations?

Are you perceived to be wealthy?

Are your business interests high profile?

Does any member of your family – or do you – have associations which might be controversial?

How well is your home protected from intruders?

How security aware are your family?

Do you encourage security awareness in your employees, particularly persons with knowledge of your daily agenda?

What security precautions do you take when you are travelling?

Is your chauffeur trained in defensive driving techniques?

How do your children get to school?

Do you have children at university?

How exposed are they?