E.S.J.G. Limited exists to serve customers who have a need for Special Accident Insurance. This is the “whole” name for Kidnapping for Ransom, Property Extortion, Products Extortion, Threat Extortion, Detention, Hijack and Personal Accident Insurance. E.S.J.G. draws on a wealth of experience of more than 30 years in this specialist field, which makes us qualified to handle all aspects of the insurance, from the general enquiry, negotiating the best premiums with underwriters, and providing a totally confidential service handling sensitive claims. As we are a small firm, we are able to concentrate on giving our customers the best possible service they are entitled to expect.

We are a small firm and proud of it; we have none of the management pressures or expenses of the bigger broker. This means we are able to pass benefits back to our customers whilst providing the best possible service.