Special Accident Insurance

SPECIAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE is our “whole” name for Kidnapping for Ransom, Detention, Property Extortion, Products, Extortion, Threat Extortion and Hijack Insurance.

Kidnapping for Ransom Insurance has been around nearly a century. Simple Ransom Insurance began at Lloyd’s in the 1930s following the kidnap of Charles Lindbergh’s son.


The insurance policy available today no longer provides only ransom reimbursement following a kidnap; it has been, and continues to be, developed to cover all the other currently known types of extortion and the subsequent losses that will emerge from an incident.

The insurance packages can be obtained from many sources. In the broadest terms, all provide for ransom reimbursement and other costs, and the fees and expenses of special negotiation consultants.


Should the worst happen and you suffer an incident, (or believe you may have suffered an incident), Special Negotiation Consultants are immediately available on a guaranteed and priority basis to advise you.

All you have to do is pick up a telephone (you will be given a telephone number and contact point).

They will immediately send one or more consultants to the location of the problem and will be available to support and advise you until the incident is resolved, should you so wish it.